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31 May - 2 June
Line up 2024 coming soon

 Margo Awanata


 Can you feel it?

In the beating of your heart,

It is the  divine answer to the call that comes from the depths of ourselves and the depths of the earth.

Are you ready to meet yourself in the deeper layers of the spiral, remembering ancient wisdom of the Elemental Priestess? 

Unleash your Voice

Lucia Elamaaää


There are goddesses in you that are longing to come out. They whisper and they scream. They listen, hear, feel and move inside of you. 

With the wisdom of the elements we will search for the parts of you that are still hidden, and we will lure her out! Into the light! Where she can Shine and where she feels Powerful and Seen. 

Yes Woman! Goddess! 
I want to see You! 
The whole You! 

My body, My tempel

Mae Belteyn


More info soon

Hawaiian Hula 

Wendy Maheahealani


More info soon

Orgasmic Alchemy ™

Marianne van Katwijk




Deeply connect with your inner sacred erotic power.

Embracing the elements of your womb, heart and soul.

Breathing with the flow of your sensual essence.

Step into the power of orgasmic alchemy.


Marianne works as a sex & relationship Hypnotherapist and Psychologist with people from all over the world. Helping women transform the anxiety, negative programming, blocks, problems and pains, such as sexual anxiety, low libido, and vaginal pain into sexual enjoyment and freedom.



Singing Circle

Miriam Meara




Singing chants, mantra’s or medicine songs have been used for years to open the heart. Singing helps us to wake up our emotional body and tune into the frequency of love. Your voice is a powerful tool to express yourself and using it to sing helps you to open up your authentic voice. It also has a positive impact on the body, as chanting reduces stress, supports the immune system and helps with intention and focus. You don’t need to have a good voice or be a good singer, everyone is welcome. Come join this singing circle and experience the magic and joy of singing together.



The free woman
Schermafbeelding 2022-04-04 om 15.57.46.png

This workshop is especially for women who choose to not become a mother to children. The  woman sailing her own course. Susann will take you on a journey of the Free woman. The medicine woman. 


Alette Wttewaall


More info soon


Shamna & Carla


During the whole weekend there will be a Temple to rewind, heal, connect and recharge. 

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