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Emelie Manawa

THE HAKA - Fire your Spirit

HAKA is a Sacred Dance from the Maori (Aotearoa – New Zealand). Most people know the HAKA as a wardance. Yet HAKA is much more then that!
HAKA is powerful deep rooted energywork. Ha means breath and KA means Fire. HAKA fans the flames of your eternal souls fire and makes is grow strong and fierce! You stand tall in the here and now, embodying your true potential. By movement and sound Mana (lifeforce) flows stronger through your body. You connect with this Mana and give it your intention. In this way you can dance HAKA for strength during war, but also as a welcome, a goodbye, to show your respect, for gratefulness, healing, fertility, love… Everything that you wish to focus your energy on to make it grow. Always you dance HAKA for existence and always you give it ALL!!


Kula Dance

Lene is a Dance Anthropologist & -Therapist & 5Elements Activation™ Facilitator that helps women to find grounding and love for their body, through connection with the elements and the cycles of life. Lene’s transformative workshops include her experiences of passage rituals. She danced herself in trance with tribes of Vanuatu and received classes from masters in Butoh, Sufi & Zapotec Dances, Haka, Kecak & Sundance.

Her work is a unique melting pot of techniques of the east (Tantra, Vipassana, Butoh, Sufi Dance) and the west (Authentic Movement, Archetypal Psychology, Burlesque, Contemporary Dance, Contact Dance, Theatre of the Oppressed) with shamanism.



Kula is Sanskrit for 'tribe, clan, community'.
Kula Dance offers 5Elements Dance & Women Circles
inspired by ancient rituals and contemporary techniques,
to bring you in an intimate dance with your body, tribe & nature.  

Marijn te Kolste

Look at your body
what a beautiful landscape!

Who can look at her body candidly and enjoy the authentic forms? Loving the curves, hollows and shadows that make you a poetic landscape in the beauty of nature. Marijn te Kolsté, visual artist takes you in this workshop into the world of visual arts. We start looking in a new way to each other and to yourself. Then we play with clay. We will form female sculptures in clay of ourselves and others. It is not necessary to have experience with art, just be curious about a different way of looking and it would be nice having fun with clay



Angel Cacao  takes you on a journey to love, laughter, connection and inspiration in a beautiful and authentic cacao ceremony. This ceremony

gives energie. Inspires you to connect with you true self.

A moment to feel abundance, self love, and power in a magical  save field of honesty.

We will make a deep connection with mother earth, our own heart and  to each other. Feel welcome to step into this magical journey of unconditional love,

and feel free to bring your drum if you have one.


Florien Kortenhorst


"It's not about getting rid of the darkness, it's about letting the light in."


Our underworld where split soul parts live in darkness carries great treasures: in wisdom and life energy, disguised as pain, fear and physical limitations. Come to this powerful transforming workshop and free your life energy!


Do you want to:

✦ Overcome your fear of your dragons (shadow sides) ✦ Learn techniques to look at your dragons yourself at home ✦ Discover what your physical complaint, tension, or emotion has to say to you  ✦Look at and heal the cause of your flight and addiction behavior ✦ Make space for your life energy, strength, focus and joy ✦Have your hurt and traumatized child pieces come home ✦ Become aware of old ballast that you are done with and integrate ✦ Look at your shadow sides with compassion ✦ Relaxation in your body, your heart and in your head


How would it be... If you stop fighting or flee now and turn around and look that dragon in the eye? Curious, well-founded, with an open heart. To discover what your dragon has to say?

Margo Awanata


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Lucia Elamaaää


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Mae Belteyn


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Charissa Schipper


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Amber Feathersister


In Erodanza we work with 5 Female Archetypes: The Virgin, the Wild Woman, the Mystica, the Slut and the Queen.  


Eros stands for free-flowing life energy.  


Through dance and rituals we investigate which of these Archetypes are dominating and which ones are in the shade. The Queen is the Archetype that is supposed to sit on the throne, but through life events, she has often been thrown off the throne. In other words you are not standing firmly in your center and you are easily thrown out if you are hit.

All Archetypes have a shadow side and a dominant tendency. What we want is for them all to go to serve our inner Queen again.   That brings you back into balance, in your strength and you can make connections  without losing yourself in it. We will show ourselves at our most vulnerable and most powerful. Be mirrored by each other and reminded of our own wisdom and sensuality.

Wendy Brugman


Wendy Brugman is a priestess and a wild woman who takes you on the journey of the warrior. During this workshop Wendy will guide you into a deep and strong connection with your body. From there you will connect to your NO. A powerful tool to set future  boundaries. This journey is all about allowing yourself to feel all there is to feel and empower yourself to the fullest.

Become the heroine of your own story.



Zasja is a singer and soul traveler and will enrich Wild Woman Fest with songs at the campfire. This beautiful and wise woman will bring magic to the fire. 


Unleash Your Inner Wild Goddess Confidence

Do you wish to experience authentic inner confidence and freedom? Being connected to the most powerful source of life (your own sexual energy).


Are you longing to experience intimacy & pleasure from within yourself?

In this workshop, you experience what it means to allow magic into your life and to embody your inner goddess confidence. To set free the wild woman within you. Discovering your own body, the feelings inside your own body, the magic that lies within your sexuality, and the sacredness & holiness that is your sexual energy.

I will show you how to unleash your wild sensuous confidence

– in a way that is super easy and actually FUN.

Marianne is a highly trained and certified Sex, Love & Relationship Psychologist, Jade-egg expert, and founder of YoniYoga (a new form of yoga, with a focus on unleashing the power and energy of the female yoni)

Bonita de Jaga


More info soon.

Ellie de Heus

Love your breasts 

This workshop is about tending to yourself, about being good for yourself, about massaging, about
brushing, about gymnastics and more. We will not talk about diseases! You are going to learn how
to massage yourself with a lovely oil, which exercises are good for your breasts and how dry-
brushing works. In addition, I will tell you how it is possible that you can get breast complaints and
for who the treatment is meant for. TAKE NOTE! To best practice the self-massage and brushing,
the upper body will be undressed. Of course this is not an obligation. Feel what is right for you.

Wild Woman Fest

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