THE HAKA - Fire your Spirit
Emelie Manawa

HAKA is a Sacred Dance from the Maori (Aotearoa – New Zealand). Most people know the HAKA as a wardance. Yet HAKA is much more then that!
HAKA is powerful deep rooted energywork. Ha means breath and KA means Fire. HAKA fans the flames of your eternal souls fire and makes is grow strong and fierce! You stand tall in the here and now, embodying your true potential. By movement and sound Mana (lifeforce) flows stronger through your body. You connect with this Mana and give it your intention. In this way you can dance HAKA for strength during war, but also as a welcome, a goodbye, to show your respect, for gratefulness, healing, fertility, love… Everything that you wish to focus your energy on to make it grow. Always you dance HAKA for existence and always you give it ALL!! 

Bonita De Jaga

The sweatlodge is an old native American tradition. The lodge is the womb of mother earth and you will be reborn when you get out. In the lodge of the WWF we will travel with the wind directions. Each direction will leave it's medicine within you as me journey deep within ourselfs. 

Sweat. Heal & Transform


Marijn te Kolste

Clay as a language in the shade. In this workshop we start claying in the dark, with eyesclosed. It's about the connection between your hands and your feeling. We don't look
because the mind is very critical and wants to make all kinds of improvements which are not
always really valuable. By claying with eyes closed we take a detour to let the mind rest for a
while. It is funny, relaxed and informative. Through the assignment you get, you can
experience how clay can tell you something you already carry with you, unfoldes in the light.
It is with attention, but most of all we are going to laugh, play and enjoy the clay !!!


Emelie Manawa & Margo Awanata

 Can you feel it?

In the beating of your heart, the butterflies in your belly and in the depth of your womb?
We are living in a time of change, and we women are waking up. We are ready to move away from the paved road and take our own winding path to the essence of our feminine being.

The awakening of feminine leadership from the heart.

It is our divine answer to the call that comes from the depths of ourselves and the depths of the earth.

Are you ready to meet yourself in your deepest shadow and put yourself in the clearest light?

Are you ready to be the change the world is waiting for?

This is a journey for the brave woman who is ready to look at herself at a deep level.

During this workshop, you will get a taste of this profound and beautiful initiation path. 


Margo Awanata

Every woman has an inner wild woman, the most unpolished part of it yourself. Wild and Sacred. Raw and  Real. We will dive deep. We will connect, dance and unleash. In a loving embrace of sisterhood we will discover what is hidden behind the layers of guilt, shame and fear.We  will connect to the inner priestess and the inner warrior to fully embrace our feminine power.  A deep, raw and beautiful reminder of who you really are.



Mae Belteyn

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Lucia Elamaaää

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Charissa Schipper

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