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31 May - 2 June
Line up 2024

Rianka Yemeya 

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During this workshop we will connectto the goddess Oshun. Together we go on a magical journey of Rebirth, Fertility and Self love. From the dark to the light. We will walk this journey together according to the rituals from Africa and Suriname.

What do we do ?

✨ Swit watra ritual

✨ Moving and dancing with clay medicine.

✨ Connecting with the beautiful Oshun.

✨Self love and self care.

Rianka is a Passionate woman with a big heart and a lot of ancient wisdom flowing through het veins. Growing up without a father she knew something was missing in her life. It was with connection to her African and South-American roots that the missing pieces came together and opened a whole new path for her. 

Now Rianka helps other women to find and connect deeply to their sacred roots. roots that lead back to ancient wisdom and feeling more connected to who you are.

Hula, the Magic Of Hawai'i 

Tiʻi Maheahealani


Every movement, expression and gesture in Hula has a specific meaning, plants, animals, the elements, listening, learning, ocean... Wendy takes you into the deep magic of this beautiful Hawaiian language. A Prayer in Movement.  A deep remembering of what is sacred.

Let the waves of expresion flow through your body and soul with the this amazing, Hawaiian workshop. 

BIO: Ti'i Māheahealani was only 6 years old when she joined a Polynesian dance group where she fell in love with the Hula. For the past 10 years she has been focussing on the Hula and Hawaiian traditions. Watching Wendy dance and hearing her sacred chants really brings you to the Islands. When she dances she embodies the Waves, the Rainbow, the Sand, the Sun, the Lava, the Wind, the Rain... the ALOHA. 

Embodiment of Artemis

Mia Adamidou


Mia is a systemic family psychotherapist/ holistic wellness facilitator,  works with all ages & cultures in individual sessions, groups , couple & family therapy, supervision/ support for facilitators/mental health practitioners for organizations , education ,etc from 1997.
She does specialized experiential workshops combining systemic psychotherapy , with complimenting methods & techniques from body psychotherapy, creative arts , “ Walking in your Shoes”/ Systemic Constellation/ “ Soul Body Fusion” Energy& Holistic work &meditation. 

 Together we will enter the land of strength & vulnerability which Artemis lives and extends her loving energy to touch upon the deep & true essence of the wild and sacred within us.

Twin sister of Apollo , both masters and keepers of the Great Sun God, will offer gifts of transformation to seal & free those sacred qualities needed for our mission on earth. 

Thee who hold the secret password can enter and take the path least taken, undergoing the challenges of Shadow & Light within , testing body, mind, psyche and connecting to spirit.

Great Goddess Artemis will be with us every step of the way to open , clear, remind, align, bathe , nourish, protect and transcend us as sentient beings and Goddesses. Her qualities will embraces us …protection , justice , commitment, precision, goodness & gentleness, freedom, unity .


Come  with us to take your place in this sacred circle as a daughter of Artemis to spread this energy out into your life & the world… !!!

This workshop will be experiential through exercises & rituals of systemic , body , creative arts, holistic psychotherapy & meditation.

“From a little girl raising up in two countries - Greece & New York USA , I learned to embrace the beauties of all cultures, connect to the power and nurturing of Mother Earth & the ancient wisdom of the lands, including all elements & Beings. Unity was and is a big inspiration & life’s purpose for me..! Connecting to our InnerChild , our Family Transgenerational History , the masculine & the feminine, our city/ everyday life & nature free spirit.”Major workshops she holds & has founded:* “Sacred Sensuality InnerFlow Women’s Circle- Empowerment , Healing, Awakening& Uniting.*“Courage & Truth“ workshops for women & men , co- creating the new alchemy of the feminine & masculine. *”Whispers of the InnerChild”for adults.*“Wisdom Keepers” Academy for Parents to help support the new generation. Mia is also a member & collaborator of the organization & movement against women’s abuse “STRONG ME” From 2009 she has created “ InnerFlow” & also organizes workshops with well known healers and teachers from Greece and other parts of the world. Mia also travels around the world to connect with other sisters & brothers  through collaborations & workshops, keeping the notion and action of UNITY / SISTERHOOD - BROTHERHOOD alive…


Margo Awanata


Come join me on a profound Dance Journey where we connect deeply with Lilith, the original Woman. Wild, Raw and Untamed. 
It will be an immersion in the medicine of the dark feminine. Bringing it all into the Light so we can reclaim this powerful and magical part of ourselves. 

There are many stories about Lilith but I believe the truth is hidden in the bones of every woman. A story about magic, feminine power, pleasure, innocence and ancient wisdom. But it is also a story about sacred rage, breaking free from the cage, about overcoming guilt, shame and fear. 

Margo is a mentor who is not afraid to go into the shadows with you. She enters into a deep connection with the women with whom she works and lets them feel that in the safe space that she offers they can really go into the depths where transformations can take place. She manages to take everyone to a higher level while she is firmly on the earth with both her feet.

She is a Priestess  that knows how to open the veil to a realm of magic and ancient wisdom. 

Over the past 20+ years Margo has worked  with thousands of women, helping them to remember who they really are and how to  step into their own power and wisdom. 


Reclaim your Voice

Lucia Elamaaä


Lucia takes you on a magical jouney to and through your voice. Together you will discover where your voice needs love and care so she can be released as the powerful and magical tool that she is.

“Lucia is born laughing.” That’s what her mother told her, and that is no surprise! She’s a women’s-coach and facilitator of women’s events with a big laugh and big heart. You will feel welcomed in no time when you meet her. In the past 15+ years she helped hundreds of women in their journey to selflove through workshops and retreats. She likes to use her own experiences in life, and a lot of movement, to empower other women in reclaiming their body, mind, voice and heart. All with a touch of humor. 

"Selflove, Humor and Connection are the answers to ALL questions.” 

Pathways of Pleasure 

Alette Wttewaall


Alette wants to invite you to the workshop of the senses.  
Through different sensory landscapes she offers a wide range of explorations grounded in touch.

You will learn how to open up the pathways of pleasure through your hands and discover new ways of feeling through your skin. 

We will practice in feeling your yes and your no. Especially practicing your no will give you the inside of your true yes. 
By creating a safe space, where everything is welcome, you can stay true to your self. If you decide that sitting at the side with a cup of tea and observe is enough for you of even sleep it out, then you are so welcome to do so.

So come and join me in this playful workshop!


Alette is an entrepreneur with a very wide range of expertise. From organizing festivals and retreats to coaching woman in natural parenting. Teaching about wild edible plants and giving workshops in old crafts. Prayforming in self made costumes on festivals and selling handmade jewelry on markets. It all comes down to connection, connection between people and connection between people and nature and natural materials. Alette loves to guide you and gives you an experience without filters, a pure and honest connection.



More info soon .

The Wonder Woman in you

Rionne & Marianne 



Rionne is an expert Self Defense. She has been trained by ex Special Forces and took part in many Israeli Training Camps, which are known for their toughness and endurance. Rionne helps women to reconnect to these indestructible inner powers, so that they go through life with the fighting spirit to overcome whatever life throws at them while living by the art of being kind. 


‘My biggest passion is Knife Fighting. And despite all my fighting skills I know that my true power derives from my soft feminine side.’ - Rionne 



Marianne works as a psychologist, hypnotherapist and expert in healing sexual anxiety and alchemizing the blockages that stand in the way of your true feminine self. Marianne helps women from all over the world to embody their inner soft-power, so that they feel fully alive.


‘My biggest passion is to awaken the Inner Feminine Magic within every woman. When you live from a deep connection to your inner magic, you will experience life as pure bliss.’ - Marianne


This workshop is a combination of self defense and the inner feminine magic. It will give you intense aliveness, as we introduce you to the Wonder Woman inside of you. She is a warrior but comes from soft power. Her heart is filled with love, kindness and passion but she is willing to fight to protect what’s dear to her. She is in balance with her own darkness and light so she knows her own worth and power. You’ll learn to activate the actual power of your inner magic as well as real fighting skills to protect your boundaries. After this workshop you will know the Wonder Woman inside of you and that she will always be there. 

Your body contains stories

Wilfina & Inge

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Your body contains stories, your heart contains dreams. 
Your being has a well of visions yet to be unearthed. 
Through self-touch, movement and writing, 

Inge and Wilfina want to invite you to wander in your inner realm 

& let the words take root in your body and grow on paper. 
Wilfina and Inge share a love for movement, stories and poetry. 

And are currently writing a book together. 

We are looking forward to create a space 

where we can explore together with those who feel the calling! 



Wilfina is on a constant journey of somatic self-discovery 

due to a chronic disease that has been diagnosed 15 years ago. 

Thanks to movement and writing she had & still is liberating her spine (& mind). 

Her biggest passions are; sharing freedom, autonomy & self-discovery. 

For that reason she works at the democratic school in Soest 

& walks along the path of young beings finding their own, authentic way on earth. 
Inge started writing to unravel her inner landscape. 
In writing she discovered, worlds could be created, torn apart and lifted into love.  
She is a mother of three, artist and trainee in a theater company. 

Singing Circle

Miriam Meara


In this singing circle I will take you on a singing journey with healing songs. Singing chants, mantra’s or medicine songs have been used for many years to open the heart, making it a healing, liberating and joyful experience. Our voice is a powerful tool to express ourselves and through singing we can open up to our authentic voice. Singing together is even more wonderful, it’s a way to connect to your own voice and with each other through music. The songs are relatively short, so you will be able to sing along pretty quickly. You don’t have to have any experience with singing or singing circles, everyone is welcome and having fun is the main focus. I will guide the songs with my guitar, ukulele, kalebas, handpan or we will sing a capella. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Miriam is a singer and vocal coach. She has been guiding people with singing and opening up their voices for 13 years. Miriam works with people of all ages, as she is also a primary school music teacher. She loves to perform on stage as well, singing all kinds of different genres. Singing together with a group is a passion of her, especially when creating different vocal harmonies. Miriam helps you to feel safe to let your voice be heard and teaches you songs you can keep on singing in your daily life whenever you need them for healing or fun.

Movement is life, dancing is living

Nadja Pellegrini 


Together we will go on a movement journey where we will reconnect to our first days, weeks and months of our lives.
Our bodies remember our past, so we go back to our earliest movement patterns and let our bodies guide us through them.
We will grow (up), come together and connect with each other, inspire each other and we will dance!



After working in upholstery for many years, I knew it was time for change, I wanted to share my energy and make a difference in other people’s lives.Through attending various women’s circles I found a new path to become a Dance / Movement Therapist. Dancing freely has always been a passion of mine and keeps serving me as inspiration only my own body can give me.Now it’s time to share some of my knowledge and contribute in my own way.




You can always walk into the temple for healing, a good talk, silence, reflection or to participate in one of the sharing circles or short rituals. The Priestesses are there for you. 


Scherm­afbeelding 2024-03-05 om 06.58.26.png
Sit with the Elder

Susann Navarena


Bones, sticks, feathers, stones. 

Come sit with her by the fire. Listen to her Wisdom. Find your truth in her stories and tell her your own. 

Hear the Ancestors whispers while she takes you into her divination. 

She is the Witch, the Priestess, the Wise and the Oracle. She is the brightest light and the deepest dark. She is the beating (drumming) heart  of the Tribe. She is there for all women. 

You find her in the Elder tent 



Susann Navarena is a warm and loving woman with wisdom that does not only comes from decades of learning but also from the depth of her bones. Ancient knowing that flows through her. As a tribe elder she holds all women in her loving presence.

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