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2-4 June 

Joy Kailani


Join in on this amazing deep dive  to the  power of your inner  ocean.  

Joy is a profound and grounded teacher, like a mermaid she makes waves of transformation so new possibilities can surface.


 Margo Awanata


 Can you feel it?

In the beating of your heart,

It is the  divine answer to the call that comes from the depths of ourselves and the depths of the earth.

Are you ready to meet yourself in the deeper layers of the spiral, remebering ancient wisdom a.

This workshop 

Unleash your voice

Lucia Elamaaää


In this workshop you will reclaim your Voice (again).

Your ability to Speak your own magical Truth!

We will dive deep into the journey of our life-voice and let things go that doesn’t serve us anymore, so there is space again for your unique Sound to work it’s magic. 

Talking with spirits of nature
Schermafbeelding 2022-04-04 om 15.57.46.png

We are all looking for answers to questions we might not even know we have. 

Most of the answers we will not find in books but there is another way.


By connecting to the Source.  This is something that all of us can do, sometimes we only need to be reminded of the how. 

This day we make contact through the tree.
The Tree has a very clear connection with both Earth and Cosmic energy. Trees are also very close to humans and therefore very accessible, and great teachers

We will journey into the wisdom of nature while connection to our own wild nature source. 


In a meditation you learn to switch your ego on and off and how that feels. Because we need to be open en receptive for this connection. A connection that once was so natural. 


Alette Wttewaall


More info soon

Awakened BellyDance

Jenny Asha Lily Wilde


More info soon

My body, My tempel

Mae Belteyn


More info soon

Hawaiian Hula 

Wendy Maheahealani


More info soon

Orgasmic Alchemy ™

Marianne van Katwijk




Deeply connect with your inner sacred erotic power.

Embracing the elements of your womb, heart and soul.

Breathing with the flow of your sensual essence.

Step into the power of orgasmic alchemy.


Marianne works as a sex & relationship Hypnotherapist and Psychologist with people from all over the world. Helping women transform the anxiety, negative programming, blocks, problems and pains, such as sexual anxiety, low libido, and vaginal pain into sexual enjoyment and freedom.



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