24-26 June 
THE HAKA - Fire your Spirit
Emelie Manawa
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HAKA is a Sacred Dance from the Maori (Aotearoa – New Zealand). Most people know the HAKA as a wardance. Yet HAKA is much more then that!
HAKA is powerful deep rooted energywork. Ha means breath and KA means Fire. HAKA fans the flames of your eternal souls fire and makes is grow strong and fierce! You stand tall in the here and now, embodying your true potential. By movement and sound Mana (lifeforce) flows stronger through your body. You connect with this Mana and give it your intention. In this way you can dance HAKA for strength during war, but also as a welcome, a goodbye, to show your respect, for gratefulness, healing, fertility, love… Everything that you wish to focus your energy on to make it grow. Always you dance HAKA for existence and always you give it ALL!! 

Fiery Woman

Marijn te Kolste


Are you a fiery woman and do you dare to show yourself in that fire? We will clay you in the
natural environment of your choice. We make a tableau vivant of a woman in her self-
chosen habitat and start working with clay to make a sculpture of it. It doesn't have to be natural you can let your shapes arise from the fire of your hands. You can be inspired by
the fire you see in the woman sitting there in front of you or lying in all her beauty and
strength between the trees. Make your own goddess statue, your power statue of fire.
Marijn te Kolsté is visual artist and has been teaching sculpture and modeling for 25 years.
Count on playful directions, technical help and deepening your visual language.


 Margo Awanata


 Can you feel it?

In the beating of your heart, the butterflies in your belly and in the depth of your womb?
We are living in a time of change, and we women are waking up. We are ready to move away from the paved road and take our own winding path to the essence of our feminine being.

The awakening of feminine leadership from the heart.

It is our divine answer to the call that comes from the depths of ourselves and the depths of the earth.

Are you ready to meet yourself in your deepest shadow and put yourself in the clearest light?

Are you ready to be the change the world is waiting for?

This is a journey for the brave woman who is ready to look at herself at a deep level.

During this workshop, you will get a taste of this profound and beautiful initiation path. 

Fire Starters
Little rituals to ignite your Feminine Leadership

Mae Belteyn


Too much to do, and not enough time in a day? Wish you had more free time, or more energy to help others and make this world a better place? Then, stop multitasking and throw away your ‘never ending to-do lists’ once and for all! 

Sacred Ritualist and Feminine Leadership Coach Mae Belteyn teaches you in this magical and highly interactive workshop how to use Little Rituals as the Fire Starters they really are. Use them to Rekindle your Fire, Become the Light and Finally be a Fire Starter, GameChanger & SoulShaker yourself! 

Feminine Leadership is all about Changing your Rituals to Change your Life... and Little Rituals make this is Easy, Fun and Deeply Meaningful. Mae: “During our session together we’ll immediately dive deep: First we will explore your current lifestyle and your Healthy Habits. Then, when we investigate your Natural Leadership Style, you’ll discover if you are a ‘Lover, ‘Mother’, ‘Queen’ or ‘Wise’ and which daily Little Rituals will best fit your personality. You’ll learn exactly what Rituals are, and how Rituals change your life you’ll experience yourself right on the spot!”

Mae will guide you through a Transformative Ritual, offer you her Tips, Tangible Tools, and as a gift will offer you a Crazy Co-Creation Challenge to do at home to continue stepping into your Feminine Leadership and ‘Be the Change’!

ABOUT MAE BELTEYN - Ritualist, Transformational Teacher & Feminine Leadership Coach

Mae is an international public speaker, bestselling author and founder of Lady Leaders, a Co-Creation Community of Feminine Leadership where heart-centred women use Daily Rituals to transform their Personal Lives and thrive in their Professional Leadership.
She spent 22+ years designing, performing and teaching rituals, before launching the Ritual Academy. Her online programs, events and retreats are globally well received.
Mae’s expertise as a Religion Scientist supported her inspiring women around the world to embrace their ‘Feminine Leadership’ and integrate new Healthy Habits to find their Purpose, Power-up Productivity and Live their Passion.

Unleash your voice

Lucia Elamaaää


From Chaos to Power What's stopping you?

Why aren't you where you want to be yet? And why aren't you living your full potential yet?


In this workshop you will look at your Chaos and bring it to the surface. Through dance, humor and meditation we make your chaos visible and transform it into your Power. Because your strength is important. Your path is valuable. And your medicine to this world is oh so necessary.


♥️ "Magic happens just outside your comfort zone."

I believe it always feels a bit uncomfortable when you first start to feel your full potential. It's new. Ill at ease. And sometimes it makes you cry or laugh or make you angry. And that's totally okay.


As soon as emotion comes to an action or thought, you set it in motion. And movement is growth. And so the path to your happiness only becomes clearer.

And that transformation... To me, it's MAGIC. So let's make some MAGIC Sisters!

The Forbidden Woman Sings

Dymphi Peeters

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De Verboden Vrouw Zingt! Onze wereld bestaat uit energie en trilling. Alles is frequentie. Onze organen en delen van het lichaam hebben een frequente. Intentie + geluid = energie. Ik zie sound healing en stem healing als het helpen herinneren van de gezonde frequentionele velden van een levend wezen, daar waar nodig. Zodat alles in het lichaam weer in een gezonde trilling kan komen.


Lieve vrouw, het is tijd om: - je stem de ruimte te geven; - de meest volle vrije versie van jezelf te worden; - de magie, diepte en helende gaven die je in jezelf hebt te bevrijden en te activeren; - je niet meer in te houden, je eigen ruimte in te nemen; - te genieten van je eigen kracht; - je verbondenheid met de aarde, natuur en al haar levende wezens te herinneren en ervan te genieten en deze te beschermen; - de (overlevings)programma’s die je niet meer dienen los te laten; - steeds meer vanuit je essentie te leven! Vanuit een hoger bewustzijn, wat met de ogen van liefde om zich heen kijkt en de diepere lagen en de divine creation van de dingen kan zien. Je ware jij, die weet dat je de schepper bent van je eigen werkelijkheid. Jij die wilt focussen op creatie en verbinding.


Graag neem ik je in deze workshop mee op reis met je stem door je lichaam. Je zult de magie van het zingen vanuit je ziel, lichttaal en de kracht van in het nu zijn ervaren. Laten we genieten van onszelf! Wie ben ik? Ik ben een stem & kora artiest die medicijn muziek maakt geïnspireerd door wereldmuziek fusion, sound healing en improvisatie. Ik geef soundhealing concerten, stemhealing trajecten, retraites en workshops en ik heb mijn eigen Ecstatic Dance band: Dragonfly.

Meet the Ocean

Joy Kalani


Playshop Dolphin & whales 

Let me take you from land to the magic of the sea
We will leave the shallow end and  will play with seaweed and raging waves

Then dive deep and meet your personal dolphin guide who will take us to the place of unconditional love... The place of the whales


Wendy, Vera & Alette


Since the ancient times, women have gathered to honor the Sacred. By breathing together, dancing and connecting heart to heart, the Sacred Dance arose in the middle of the everyday.

Dancing Rituals is a ritual dance group. They give expression to Ancient Rituals through Prayformances and workshops at festivals and events. They don't dance the 'beautiful dance' but the dance that must be danced. From the first breath, footstep and hip movement they embody the Ritual and stir it up in you.

At Wild Woman Fest, Alette, Wendy and Vera from Dancing Rituals will present a Ritual dance workshop so that you can tap into this powerful energy with them.

Talking with spirits of nature
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We are all looking for answers to questions we might not even know we have. 

Most of the answers we will not find in books but there is another way.


By connecting to the Source.  This is something that all of us can do, sometimes we only need to be reminded of the how. 

This day we make contact through the tree.
The Tree has a very clear connection with both Earth and Cosmic energy. Trees are also very close to humans and therefore very accessible, and great teachers

We will journey into the wisdom of nature while connection to our own wild nature source. 


In a meditation you learn to switch your ego on and off and how that feels. Because we need to be open en receptive for this connection. A connection that once was so natural. 


Miriam Meijer

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I can’t remember a time I haven’t been singing. I always knew I loved it. For years I’ve worked with different musicians making music in different genres, never able to choose one genre. Because I love music, all music, as long as it touches something in me. Sometimes the songs I love are ballads, other times uptempo songs: folk songs, blues, soul, pop, country, world music. For me if music is beautiful, it doesn’t matter what kind it is. I’ve chosen my favourite songs to sing for you in this concert. The songs that touch me because of the music, or the rhythm, or the lyrics and the message. You are welcome to sing along!

Hazel Grace


More info soon

Charissa Schipper


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