20-22 August
THE HAKA - Fire your Spirit
Emelie Manawa
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HAKA is a Sacred Dance from the Maori (Aotearoa – New Zealand). Most people know the HAKA as a wardance. Yet HAKA is much more then that!
HAKA is powerful deep rooted energywork. Ha means breath and KA means Fire. HAKA fans the flames of your eternal souls fire and makes is grow strong and fierce! You stand tall in the here and now, embodying your true potential. By movement and sound Mana (lifeforce) flows stronger through your body. You connect with this Mana and give it your intention. In this way you can dance HAKA for strength during war, but also as a welcome, a goodbye, to show your respect, for gratefulness, healing, fertility, love… Everything that you wish to focus your energy on to make it grow. Always you dance HAKA for existence and always you give it ALL!! 

Bonita De Jaga

The sweatlodge is an old native American tradition. The lodge is the womb of mother earth and you will be reborn when you get out. In the lodge of the WWF we will travel with the wind directions. Each direction will leave it's medicine within you as me journey deep within ourselfs. 

Sweat. Heal & Transform


Marijn te Kolste


Clay as a language in the shade. In this workshop we start claying in the dark, with eyesclosed. It's about the connection between your hands and your feeling. We don't look
because the mind is very critical and wants to make all kinds of improvements which are not
always really valuable. By claying with eyes closed we take a detour to let the mind rest for a
while. It is funny, relaxed and informative. Through the assignment you get, you can
experience how clay can tell you something you already carry with you, unfoldes in the light.
It is with attention, but most of all we are going to laugh, play and enjoy the clay !!!


Emelie Manawa & Margo Awanata


 Can you feel it?

In the beating of your heart, the butterflies in your belly and in the depth of your womb?
We are living in a time of change, and we women are waking up. We are ready to move away from the paved road and take our own winding path to the essence of our feminine being.

The awakening of feminine leadership from the heart.

It is our divine answer to the call that comes from the depths of ourselves and the depths of the earth.

Are you ready to meet yourself in your deepest shadow and put yourself in the clearest light?

Are you ready to be the change the world is waiting for?

This is a journey for the brave woman who is ready to look at herself at a deep level.

During this workshop, you will get a taste of this profound and beautiful initiation path. 

Fire Starters
Little rituals to ignite your Feminine Leadership

Mae Belteyn


Ritual & Teachin


Too much to do, and not enough time in a day? Wish you had more free time, or more energy to help others and make this world a better place? Then, stop multitasking and throw away your ‘never ending to-do lists’ once and for all!

Sacred Ritualist and Feminine Leadership Coach Mae Belteyn teaches you in this magical and highly interactive workshop how to use Little Rituals as the Fire Starters they really are. Use them to Catch your Light, Become the Light and Finally be a Fire Starter, GameChanger & SoulShaker yourself!

Feminine Leadership is all about Changing your Rituals to Change your Life... and Little Rituals make this is Easy, Fun and Deeply Meaningful. Mae: “During our session together we’ll immediately dive deep: First we will explore your current lifestyle and your Healthy Habits. Then, when we investigate your Natural Leadership Style, you’ll discover if you are a ‘Lover, ‘Mother’, ‘Queen’ or ‘Wise’ and which daily Little Rituals will best fit your personality. You’ll learn exactly what Rituals are, and how Rituals change your life you’ll experience yourself right on the spot!”

Mae will guide you through a Transformative Ritual, offer you her Tips, Tangible Tools, and as a gift will offer you a Crazy Co-Creation Challenge to do at home to continue stepping into your Feminine Leadership and be the Change!



ABOUT MAE BELTEYN - Ritualist, Transformational Teacher & Feminine Leadership Coach


Mae is an international public speaker, bestselling author and founder of Lady Leaders,
a Co-Creation Community of Feminine Leadership where heart centered women use Daily Rituals to transform their Personal Lives and thrive in their Professional Leadership.

She spent 22+ years designing, performing and teaching rituals, before launching the Ritual Academy. Her online programs, events and retreats are globally well received.

Mae’s expertise as a Religion Scientist supported her inspiring women around the world to embrace their ‘Feminine Leadership’ and integrate new Healthy Habits to find their Purpose, Power-up Productivity and Live their Passion.


Lucia Elamaaää


From Chaos to Power What's stopping you?

Why aren't you where you want to be yet? And why aren't you living your full potential yet?


In this workshop you will look at your Chaos and bring it to the surface. Through dance, humor and meditation we make your chaos visible and transform it into your Power. Because your strength is important. Your path is valuable. And your medicine to this world is oh so necessary.


♥️ "Magic happens just outside your comfort zone."

I believe it always feels a bit uncomfortable when you first start to feel your full potential. It's new. Ill at ease. And sometimes it makes you cry or laugh or make you angry. And that's totally okay.


As soon as emotion comes to an action or thought, you set it in motion. And movement is growth. And so the path to your happiness only becomes clearer.

And that transformation... To me, it's MAGIC. So let's make some MAGIC Sisters!


Charissa Schipper


*Due to high expenses for this amazing experience we charge €25,- extra. get your ticket here.

One day
I set fire to everything I thought I was
And began to learn who I am

Are there fears that can be overcome, do you get stuck in certain patterns or don’t you recognize your own strength? Arrows Breaking and the Firewalk will help you let go of your own fears and blocks and is an opportunity to gain strength by setting a positive goal. You learn to come into contact with your inner resistance, to see it, to embrace it and then to make a decision. Our inner warrior knows how to focus on the target, not the fear. This is how the firewall works, you connect to the fire that burns within you. By walking over the hot coals you free yourself from energetic and emotional burdens and make room for a new beginning. It takes courage and dedication and is not risk free.

Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the Phoenix

The Firewalk is an ancient ritual that is still honored in many countries, such as Africa, Asia and various indigenous peoples worldwide. It is a ceremony that helps you renew and empower yourself.


Marcia Sanders


The return of the the Temple Healers & the Sacred Prostitite.

She channels the Goddess, the Divine Feminine. She hosts Sacred Ceremonies in a Temple of Love.

She wants to be known, she wants to come out of the dark holes of confusion and perversion and return into the Sacred Light.
She is here today and she will not be found on the World Wide Web. Her work is Sacred and Secret and only can she channel the sensual healing powers of the Goddess when she finds a man in need of this energy. She will never reveal her true identity for she a servant of the Divine and therefor in service of humanity.

The Sacred Prostitute emerges Shakti Energy to open the masculine to the potency of penetrating the divine, and the feminine to surrender to it. The mystery of sacred union beyond personal love or attachment. She heals the wounds of the masculine cut off from the feminine.

The Masculine Warrior, in order to kill, has cut himself off from his interior feminine, and thereby a part of his soul.
In war, the body is an obstacle. Having to combat the body’s self-preservative instinct to flee violence, witnessing the horrors inflicted on the body – all require dissociating from the body.

Afterward, having lost his connection to the body, his soul and to the Divine, nothing responds to him. He is like a ghost. He experiences no fellowship, he is absent.

With her Sacred Rites, the Tempel Healer unites his soul back to the body and the Divine. Back to vulnerability, back to life, back to Love. The Sacred Prostitute brings back in women the ancient longing of being at service to the Goddess. Can you feel her calling?

Awaken Your Sensual Confidence

Marianne van Katwijk 


Embodying your inner goddess is easier than you think. 

Sensual confidence is not something for just a few lucky women. 

It is the birth right of every woman! 

And it is time we choose to awaken this inner feminine magic!


In this workshop, you will unravel what it means for you to truly authentically stand in your own sensual power. 

We will work with meditation, breath work, visualization, and active practices to fully embody our sensual nature.


You will explore how other women can be a reflection of your inner you, and how you can mirror back to them their inner goddess. Empowering each other by giving each other permission to stand in our own sensual confidence.



Bring a notebook and a pen with you! 

Clothing tip: a long flowy dress, or a long skirt, or something that makes you feel feminine and sensual. But most of all something you feel absolutely comfortable in!


Wendy & Priscilla


Come dance with us as we connect to our inner fire and flowing femine water. 
We’ll alchemize all that's holding you back from your true purpose. With full awareness we experience. Floating into our body’s inner wisdom we will dance with the elements of water and fire. Creating a journey of sacred embodiment. 

How do you connect to your inner fire? Is she flaming heavily or is she quietly shimmering on the palm of your hands? How do you connect to your divine feminine essence? Your Lush, and sensual body? Do you feel your sacred waters flowing within? Surrounding you with weightless inspiration and possibilities? 

What happens after a true transformative weekend? How do you keep your inspiration and revelations alive in your daily life? We will guide you with true embodied purpose. Creating dancing tools for you to tap into after this awakened weekend so you can remember your transformed self during those daily commitments. 

Together we will create energetic locks through movement, initiating trust and safety in returning home. 

Join us on this journey of sacred embodiment. Connecting to your divine dance, letting the rhythmic revelations follow. 


Alette Wttewaall


Wandering Roots
Wild woman, will join me in nature? To enjoy her beauty but also to (re)discover ancient
knowledge, about which plants you can eat and what they do for you? To become aware
of its abundance, in a practical way? To experience how fun it is to be more self-
sufficient with this knowledge. How easy it is to make lunch from the plants that grow
around your tent when you're camping. That when you need a piece of rope you can
make it yourself instead of running to the store. That a completely neglected garden is
full of edible plants.


Miriam Meijer

Schermafbeelding 2021-06-14 om 17.16.28.

Connecting through voice

Do you know what it feels like to sing freely? To sing as though no one is listening? To truly express yourself, your gratitude, your emotions with your own voice?

For some people singing may feel like a big challenge. In this workshop we will let go of fear and focus on the fun that singing together brings. Because expressing yourself with your voice can be healing, liberating and joyful. Singing helps relieve stress and can make you happy because of the chemicals your brain releases. I love singing and have been doing this my whole life, and for me singing together is even more special: a magical experience. It’s a way to connect with your own voice and with each other through music. We will sing all kinds of songs, chants, mantra’s, canons and create beautiful harmonies together. Are you ready to connect and to express yourself?


I can’t remember a time I haven’t been singing. I always knew I loved it. For years I’ve worked with different musicians making music in different genres, never able to choose one genre. Because I love music, all music, as long as it touches something in me. Sometimes the songs I love are ballads, other times uptempo songs: folk songs, blues, soul, pop, country, world music. For me if music is beautiful, it doesn’t matter what kind it is. I’ve chosen my favourite songs to sing for you in this concert. The songs that touch me because of the music, or the rhythm, or the lyrics and the message. You are welcome to sing along!


Mila de Bos


This is an Archetypal journey that will awaken your inner erotic creature. Through dance, sound, touch and play, you will arouse that animalistic wild aspect of you, that deeply longs to be unleashed. This part of you holds pure life force and sexual energy.
In this workshop you will learn very effective and powerful ways to connect to your body, your sexuality and your pleasure. You will evoke that connection to your erotic innocence, that makes you feel playful and oh so alive.
When you’ve released stagnant energy and your erotic creature comes out to play… the fun starts!


(Consent and Boundaries are important in my workshops. You do what feels right to you, in your own pace. Clothes stay on.)

(Clothing for workshop: wild & sexy outfits allowed. Make sure it's flexible and danceable. Wide harem pants don't work so well.)