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1. General provisions
1.1 Wild Woman Fest is organized by the foundation Being connected (Lucia Wttewaall, Alette Wttewaall and Margo Awanata)) E-mail address W
Wild Woman Fest se mentioned below also called WWF.
1.2 Wild Woman Fest is a festival for and by women with the aim of empowering women, connection and inner growth
1.3 These provisions apply to all legal acts that are concluded by, on behalf of or with Wild Woman Fest to implement the objective mentioned under 1.2.
1.4 Dutch law is exclusively applicable to these conditions. In the event of any disputes, the court in The Hague is competent, in certain cases cases can be brought before the subdistrict court of this district.
1.5 By participant we mean the women who buy an admission ticket for the festival.
1.6 By employee we mean the women who offer their product or service at the festival,

2. Registration
2.1 Registration for participation in is only possible via the WWF web shop, unless otherwise agreed.
2.2 Your ticket is not personal and may be resold.
2.3 With registration for WWFl, the participant agrees to these general terms and conditions.
2.4 Registration takes place for the entire festival. Participation per day is not possible.


3. Cancellation conditions
3.1 Participants: Once paid admission tickets can not be returned. However, the participant is free to give or sell her admission ticket to another person. In that case, the participant will let the organization of WWF know who is in her place.
3.2 Employees:
The amount paid can not be returned when an employee renounces participation
3.3 If the festival has to be discontinued due to weather conditions or third party orders, WWF organization will not grant a refund of registration fees.


4. Liability
4.1 Participation in (the activities during) the festival is at own expense and risk. This applies to all attendees at the festival, ie employees, volunteers, participants or suppliers.
4.2 The organization is not liable for damage or theft by third parties.
4.3 The participant is liable for damage to tents and equipment caused by it.


5. Copyright and property rights publications
5.1 WWF publications are exclusively intended for WWF participants and employees. The participants are obliged to respect the copyright or copyright that applies to the festival. This right implies, among other things, that nothing of the work may be copied and / or made available to third parties without prior permission.


6. Privacy
6.1 Personal data of the participants are not stored, recorded, transmitted or used by the organization for any purpose other than in connection with WWF.

6.2 During the festival photos are taken, which can be used for publications. After the festival, all women present will receive a link to the photos and a participant can indicate before a specified date that photos on which they are removed will be removed. We then consider the photos as quite useful for PR expressions. Of course, we treat the visual material with respect and care.


7. Safety
7.1 Safety and respect for the environment are paramount in all activities during the festival. Instructions from the organization, employees and volunteers must be followed at all times. Each participant is also expected to observe the necessary vigilance and safety.
7.2 The organization of WWF reserves the right to remove participants from the festival if they do not comply with the house rules.
7.3 If a participant identifies situations that may lead to unsafety, he must report this to the organization and / or its volunteers.
7.4 Participants who have special medical conditions must report this to the organization prior to the festival.
7.5 The organization provides an emergency plan that is known to employees.
7.6 Use, possession and trading of drugs is not permitted.
7.7 We have a non-alcohol policy


8. Version, Publication and Adjustments
8.1 These conditions are subject to change. This is version: 2019-1.0.
8.2 These conditions are published on the website

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