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Wandering Roots


Magic Dreads


Zwanenkracht drums en krachtvoorwrpen 


Eye of Awareness


 Massage door Leah 

Im Leah Rudrani, founder of Sacred Shakti Awakening♡

♡What do i offer
An Ayurvedic massage also known as abhyanga, working with warm Indian medicinal herb oils , the main focus of this massage treatment is to balance out doshas within your body to achieve spiritual fulfilment and relaxation.♡

Leah is an Ayurvedic massage therapist , Ayurvedic/Vedic chef and yoga Nidra/Bhakti teacher. 
Bhakti got introduced in her life around 1986 and more so later on in life and has been ever since.
Along the journey she got influenced by several teachers and traditions, from the Vedic traditions as well as from her Nordic roots.
Living out of believe of the teachings of Truth, Simplicity and Love as well as Bhakti; The yoga of love and devotion♡

Find me in the red Sacred Shakti tent on 
Wild Women Fest for a relaxing moment for your self and to be covered in warm soothing oils♡

Love, Leah ♡

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