How does it work?

Sleep: Included in the price of the ticket is sleeping in your own tent. You can also bring a camper or caravan, you then pay €20,- extra. Please contact us to find out if there is place left.
If you don't feel like bringing a tent we also offer the option to rent a tent.

Festival Price €177,- (early bird price) 


Healthy organic food.

All the workshops and experiences

Not included:

Massage treatment.

FOOD: Delicious healthy organic food made with LOVE is included. On Friday night we share a potluck dinner together. There is magic an deep connection in sharing food. So get creative in the kitchen or bring something from the super market. We will have a meal of abundance together. 

Workshops: During the weekend the festival offers both small workshops that you can sign into and workshops and ceremonies that we participate in all together. 

Lutje Esweg 10, 7547 RM Enschede


Program: Soon more info!